The Mix Tape

April 28, 2009

I created this 30second picture movie for one of my favorite songs…enjoy


Once, Twice, Three times a portrait

April 27, 2009

I decided to play around with one of my favorite portraits from my last entry. Any help on how to do vignettes in photoshop? I did that one by hand!


My Shot at Portraits

April 7, 2009

Portraiture can be either a straight on yearbook glam shot, a serious gaze at the camera, or even a unknowing baby in a restaurant causally looking your way. These are my attempts at portraits.
AllisonCoreyDinaCarlyAlisonDinaAlisonportrait31Baby in RestaurantCorey


lost for words thanks to lost in translation

March 20, 2009

Lost in Translation, a movie which received such high regard in the cinema world meant nothing to me. It was literally a movie about nothing. It was a romance without consummation. The whole movie I was waiting for the two leads to perform adultery, and cheat on their respective spouses. Maybe that says more about society today, I’m just used to a romance movie to HAVE romance in it. I’m used to seeing people cheat on each other on film, and then return to their normal lives. Some of my favorite movies have this, Match Point, Closer, and the Last Kiss. All of these the lead characters have affairs and then simply return to their life as usual. I suppose I just expected the tension between Scarlett Johansan and Billy Murray to just finally explode. And it didn’t, no fireworks, not even a baby spark.
Also, I felt like the movie reminded me of http://www.engrish.com. A website dedicated to finding the error in Asian sayings.
Some things I did like, the establishment shots of Tokyo. Portraying the feeling that American’s have when they travel abroad, esp to Asian countries, for example the elevator scene where Bill Murray is taller than everyone there. ScarJo especially, feeling lost and out of place.
My favorite part, was probably when I put together the title and the plot. When Bill Murray was filming the commercial and the director said about a million things and the translator translated like 2. Lost in Translation. Perfect. The rest was unnecessary.


DMF Headphones Advertisement Pitch

March 19, 2009

My pitch for DMF Headphones is going to focus on music, how it effects people, and why they listen to it. It has shots of people wearing the headphones saying their thoughts. The final shots of the film is text “It’s the soundtrack to your life, we want to make sure you hear it” and a shot of the headphones bright and catchy.

Hope you like it! Happy Spring Break fellow DMF-ers!


Staged Photography

March 12, 2009

Staged Photography, I’ve found to be much easier than street photography. You aren’t rushing to capture one moment in time, however you can stage one moment in time. There are the upsides to staged photography: you aren’t labeled a creep for pulling out your camera and snapping strangers, and you don’t have to be angry when you don’t capture the moment before it slips away. These I felt, really displayed the best staged photographs that I shot.


Drugged out and high on life. “Gimme Shelter”

March 10, 2009

Apparently it’s one of the most difficult things to give a free concert, I’m guessing it’s no walk in the park to film one either. There are reaction shots of fans streaking, passing out, falling over, being stabbed, and pulling out guns. Besides that, watching people become completely inspired by the music they are listening to and the whole atmosphere around them, was kind of great. In a weird way, it was more than kind of great, it was, well… inspiring. It was an emotion that I could completely relate to, when I go to concerts, I often find myself engrossed in the music and everything about it. However, Hell’s Angels, hired security? I have no idea who’s brilliant idea that was, because I feel like when you deal with Hell, nothing good can come of it.

My favorite parts of the movie was watching the Stones react to their concert footage a while after it happened. “Wow” I think was Mick Jagger’s final response. It was either “Wow” or “Well then” and then he left. I’d be shocked too if my concert was shambles resulting in deaths and injuries.

Another part of the movie which I was a fan of was the fashion selections by Mick. Personal favorite, the red scarf that he throws over his his shoulder like a cape. It reminded me of superman. Mick Jagger: Superhero.

The type of documentary developed by this, “reactive” documentary style has now been emulated since, putting filmmaker brothers the Maysles, on the cutting edge of “fly on the wall” film making. I liked this type of filmmaking more than interviews that I usually find on a “Behind the Music” like production. It shows you raw footage, nothing that has really been censored or edited. It shows more emotion, which I think makes for a better production.

Gimme Shelter also happens to be one of my favorite Rolling Stones songs, so I’ve been biased from the beginning of this documentary to like it.